The Investment

Today’s real estate market is extremely compelling for business owners; available space and lease terms are far more accessible and negotiable than ever before. The Amazing Lash Studio support team will help you identify, build-out, and equip your studio locations.

  • Flexible. Our studios work in a variety of retail settings, typically near upscale boutiques or in higher-end lifestyle retail centers.
  • Efficient. Studio locations can range from 1,500 to 2,500 sq. feet. We anticipate that most will fall between 1,800 and 2,200 sq. feet, with a variety of layout options and treatment room counts.
  • Professional. Each of our studios carries forward our distinctive exterior and interior design elements, approved décor elements, colors and furnishings.
Studio Investment

The total investment necessary to begin operation of a single unit Amazing Lash Studio franchise, in the United States, ranges from $276,850 to $597,700.


Estimated Start-up Costs (USA)*

Single Unit

                  Type of Expenditure   Low Cost     High Cost 
  Initial Franchise Fee $39,000   $39,00
  Architect, Plans & Designs $2,500   $7,500
  Lease Expenses, Improvements & Security Deposits $130,000   $322,000
  Office/Computer Equipment, Signage & Supplies $60,600   $101,200
  Initial Training Costs (per person)           $250   $3,000
  Grand Open Marketing $10,000   $10,000
  Permits, Licenses $ Insurance (first year) $2,000   $5,000
  Professional Fee's (first year) $2,500   $5,000
  Additional Funds (3 months) $30,000   $105,000






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