Amazing Lash Studio - Specialized Franchise Operations

Our backgrounds in international business, the healthcare and beauty fields, and in franchising have guided us as we have dedicated ourselves to refining our business model. We are committed to bringing the highest quality and safest products in the market to our guests, to ensure that every visit is a safe and comfortable experience, and that every franchise owner is well-supported in their business endeavors.

Our passion for making a difference in the beauty industry is matched by our dedication to developing studio locations, procedures, and systems of the highest caliber. We bring together a unique set of highly trained individuals, with the common goal to become the Gold Standard for the beauty industry.

Our dedication, honesty, and commitment to customer service are our strengths and have helped us become the leader in the industry.

Testimonial: Dan Castellini,

Regional Developer-California

"My experience with Amazing Lash has been incredible, from the first day of meeting them I've just been completely impressed buy the amount of structure that's in place for such a young company. Having dealt with similar franchise companies in the past, the first time we sat down and looked at what was in place from the structure, to the training, to the support, to the excitement, it's been the pinnacle of our first year."