Why Choose Amazing Lash?

Large and Growing Market

The beauty industry is huge and growing every day. Beauty services is a $55 billion dollar industry. Add in cosmetics and cosmetic surgery and spending on beauty exceeds $100 billion annually. People want to look good and they invest time and money in their appearance. 


Patented Eyelash Application Process

As a pioneer of the industry, Amazing Lash Studio has developed innovative processes and procedures that have improved the market. Amazing Lash Studio has been awarded a patent for its proprietary application process that helps lash stylists decrease the time required for a service and also improves the durability of the lashes. Saving our guests time and increasing how long their lashes last, drives customer loyalty and repeat visits. Only Amazing Lash Studio has this proprietary process, and is committed to continuing our innovation into new areas to remain the market leader.


Proprietary Contemporary Styles

In addition to our patented processes, Amazing Lash Studio has also been awarded a patent for its contemporary lash styles. Guests can choose from four unique styles: Natural, Cute, Sexy and Gorgeous. These styles are then customized to fit our guests' eye shape, contour and personal preference. The result is a amazing--most so guests are so delighted, they check out their new look multiple times in mirrors throughout the studio on their way out; and our stylists feel pride in their work, because our lash styles are unique and create a natural look they know their guests will love. Only Amazing Lash Studio has patented styles. 



Join The Brand Leader

By making natural-looking, contemporary lash extensions more accessible and affordable, Amazing Lash Studio has become the market leader in the category. Guests prefer our upscale studios as they provide a comfortable space to relax and enjoy the service in their own private suite. Amazing Lash Studio invests in comprehensive training for all lash stylists, and provides ongoing support to ensure every studio delivers on our mission of dedication and excellence every time.


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